Micro-Resistance: Optimize Your Life – Episode 2 of The Untethered Entrepreneur

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Optimize your life.

Today, we’re going to talk about the power and pain of micro-resistance. This is an incredibly important topic because I’ve seen it play out in my life in so many critical ways. As an entrepreneur and as someone who’s focused on making an impact out in the world, this concept, and the understanding of it, will help you to optimize your life in a way that creates more spaciousness for your work, for your vision, for your dream to flourish and to come through you and out into the world.

What is micro-resistance?

To me, micro-resistance is the small things that people usually call small things. Because of that they dismiss them, as if they’re not impactful. Let me just give some examples. When I first moved to San Diego (I don’t live there currently, but I lived there for five years) in 2009, I lived beachfront. It was beautiful. We had an oceanfront place at the bottom of South Mission Beach – a big, wide open beach; volleyball course, where all the professionals would come all the time. Our patio was right on the boardwalk. Then, right over that edge was sand and ocean.

I went in the ocean every single day until the water was too cold, by about late November. I went into the ocean every single day, okay? Now, contrast that with later on, living two blocks away from the beach, and I went in the water maybe twice a week. That’s micro-resistance. Nothing else changed. It was just this little bit. Instead of living oceanfront, I moved two blocks away from the ocean, and my behavior pattern dramatically shifted, right?

Another example … When I was living in Costa Rica just recently, I learned how to surf, and it was amazing because the water was beautiful and warm. Every day, after I finished creating and doing work type things, I’d close my laptop, grab my board, and go down on the beach and jump in the beautiful water. I didn’t have to bring any keys. I didn’t have to strap the surfboard to a car. I didn’t have to do any of these things. I just grabbed the board and went, and so I did it every day. I joyously, effortlessly got into amazing shape, learned how to surf, and had a freaking blast.

Now contrast that with being back in Southern California at the moment. I’m in Los Angeles. There is surf accessible. There are waves. There are breaks. The only difference is I have to strap a surfboard to a car. I have to get a wetsuit on. I have to get down to the beach, find parking, unload the surfboard, bring it down to the ocean, and then, it’s Southern California, so there’s going to be a ton of people typically at each break. There’s going to be a lot more people there than there was in Costa Rica, and the water’s not warm, right? That’s micro-resistance. Why? Because I went from surfing every single day to not even surfing once since I came home.

Now, some people, would call that laziness.

But I would call these people unwise. I’m definitely not a lazy guy. What I observe is that the more micro-resistance that’s in your path, whether that’s from your home environment, from the way that you approach the hobbies that you have, from the way you do your work, and how you operate inside your business … The way you do things and the way you set up the environment around you that either facilitates you effortlessly doing the things that really contribute… or they create resistance, micro-resistance that’s in the way of you doing the things that will contribute. It’s such a key, important, fundamental difference.

Those were examples of how my home environment was either facilitating or not facilitating my expansion. There’s other examples that are just as equally important. The real thing I want you to understand is that, it’s not just what you lose. It’s what you don’t gain. It’s the full spectrum, right? If, in one house I have the warm water and the beach walk, accessible to everyday present surf, with nobody there, those all put me into a positive on the side of things. Now, if I contrast that with … If this is the set point, zero, and all the positives over here, the negatives just like, “Oh, you need a wetsuit. You need to drive. You need to do all these things” … That puts you over here in the negative, and you have to mind the gap. That’s what you need to recognize, is these things seem small, but they’re not.

I’ll give you a more personal example, meaning someone else’s, but more on a person, not a business level. My wife’s mother was living in a house where the landlord didn’t like her playing her sound healing instruments. That’s her big passion – to work with sound healing instruments and the scientific approach of healing through sound. She was living in a place where she was paying rent, and she wasn’t able to play her sound instruments. Some people might say, “Oh, that’s just a little thing. Don’t sweat the small stuff,” but when that’s something that fills you and you can go to another environment where, instead of that little negative tick, you can have the opposite. You can play anytime you want. That’s a huge difference.

You see how these little tiny things become exponential for your momentum, for your consistency, for your energy, for your focus, for your lifestyle.

Optimize, optimize, optimize. That’s what I’m saying. If you get into your car, and your car is dirty, and that makes you feel some sort of way. If it makes you think, “Oh, I should clean my car.” Then you should clean your car. You could get into your car, and you could have that slightly negative experience, which is like, “Oh, I should clean my car,” or you can get into your car and have a positive one, where it’s like, “Wow, I love how this clean car makes me feel clear in my mind,” right? You’ve got to mind the gap, again.

It’s all about minding the gap and recognizing that gap exists and recognizing the power and the pain of micro-resistance. I’ll just get one more example, my friend, James. He once lived beachfront. But for him to go to the beach, he needed to take an elevator down and walk through a parking lot. Meanwhile, when he was living beachfront, he had a gateway that he just walks out of and there he is. He’s on the beach. He admitted the same thing, he went to the beach every day instead of two or three times a week, right?

Just that micro-resistance of an elevator in the pathway.

This is the power and the pain of micro-resistance. There are no people on the planet that need to pay attention to this more than entrepreneurs and people who are looking to make an impact. Micro-resistance the same reason why Mark Zuckerberg wears the same T-shirt every day, is because he doesn’t have to think about what to put on his body, which is one less piece of resistance that doesn’t have to get in the way of him making the contribution and having the impact that he’s here to have in the world. That’s what I want for you.

That’s it for today’s Untethered Entrepreneur. Like it if you like it. Share it if you’d like to. If you think this will help someone, share it out with them. Comment below, and I’ll see you again, soon.

Much love, everybody.

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